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Lilliput Collection-L2_Siffleur

Lilliput Collection

Maxima Collection-Max2_Female

Maxima Collection

Medium Collection-Med3_Halterophilie

Medium Collection

Mega Collection-Μ6_Nido di cicogna

Mega Collection

Pendula Collection-P5_Serpent ygrec

Pendula Collection

Vitis Collection-V4 Elephant-boxeur

Vitis Collection

Inspired by nature

Careful selection of materials

Having a particular interest for pine and pebbles, Xarilaos always chooses materials that leave an artistic imprint and have often survived one or more natural disasters.


pairing contradictions

“Nature’s intensities and contradictions have always been deeply moving, to my eyes.

I find the way the wood complements the pebble particularly charming, even though they are such different and contradictory materials.”