Mega Collection




Year of creation: 2017

Description: Black-brown root (Pistacia lentiscus). It stands on its three “legs” while it carries a corroded stone (hanged from a copper wire). The “head” of the figure stares presumptuously.

Dimensions: 64cm (length) × 33cm (width) × 30cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 6.110gr

-Nido di cicogna-

Year of creation: 2019

Description: Old black-brown colored wood (Pistacia lentiscus). An oval pebble is placed on the top. The multiple natural cracks and cavities bring to life various figures and forms, depending on the angle of observation.

Dimensions: 36cm (length) × 40cm (width) × 34cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 7.496gr

-Hydre de Lerne-

Year of creation: 2022

Description: Light brown root and trunk (Fraxinus Excelsior) coming from Normandy. It took its final form after long and meticulous processing of the wood that lasted over 2 years. A huge oval pebble weighing 5kg completes the artifact. The 7 animal-like heads refer to the Lernaean Hydra.

Dimensions: 70cm (diameter) × 110cm (height)

Total artifact weight: >75 kgr


Year of creation: 2017

Description: Old dark root. It stands firmly and vividly on his feet, and steps on a round pebble. Its placement is recommended on the ground. It gives a sense of wildlife.

Dimensions: 51cm (length) × 60cm (width) × 32cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 7.386gr


-Year of creation: 2019

Description: Old heavy root of dark brown color. A medium sized, light-colored pebble is placed at the center of the piece.  Multiple natural cracks and hollows create wild forms.

Dimensions: 48cm (length) × 52cm (width) × 50cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 12.688gr


Year of creation: 2019

Description: Old root of dark brown color. Reclining imaginary figure carrying oval pebble. It looks like an animal.

Dimensions: 26cm (length) × 41cm (width) × 37cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 3.300 gr


Year of creation: 2017

Description: Heavy hollow trunk of brown color.(Acacia cyanophylla). It symbolizes the passage to another dimension. It is recommended to place it at a high place.

Dimensions: 31cm (length) × 37cm (width) × 29cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 1.482gr

-Goutte a goutte-

Year of creation: 2018

Description: Heavy, glossy, brown pine (Pinus halepensis) trunk, originally intended for chopping and burning. Six pebbles give the impression of flow.

Dimensions: 25cm (length) × 56cm (width) × 21cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 8.700gr

A few more words on

Mega collection

Abandoned by time

Time and human obsolescence curved these pieces of wood and created artwork. Mega collection includes large trunks and roots that have been abandoned in nature for a long time.  One or more large round pebbles or cobbles complete the wooden volume. They need a large interion space to stand out.

The meticulous cleaning and coating techniques with marine varnish and special varnishes are dominant in this collection. Their transport from their collection place was adventurous and their processing sometimes required several months.

The collections

Lilliput Collection-L2_Siffleur

Lilliput Collection

Maxima Collection-Max2_Female

Maxima Collection

Medium Collection-Med3_Halterophilie

Medium Collection

Pendula Collection-P5_Serpent ygrec

Pendula Collection

Vitis Collection-V4 Elephant-boxeur

Vitis Collection


pairing contradictions

“Nature’s intensities and contradictions have always been deeply moving, to my eyes.

I find the way the wood complements the pebble particularly charming, even though they are such different and contradictory materials.”