Pendula Collection




Year of creation: 2018

Description: Thin and long branch of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) of brown color. It has calm undulations and many small curves. It is suspended from the middle with the help of a copper thread and floats in space. It bears two small pebbles, one on each end. If it is given a slight oscillation, it maintains it for a while. It symbolizes balance with simplicity.

Dimensions: 118cm (length) × 16cm (width) × 10cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 392gr


Year of creation: 2018

Description: A trophy-like, curved branch (Pistacia lentiscus) of dark brown color. It carries a small oval pebble. When hanged (from a copper thread) achieves an unpredictable balance. It can also rest by the wall.

Dimensions: 56cm (length) × 33cm (width) × 12cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 762gr

-Serpent ygrec-

Year of creation: 2017

Description: Pine branch (Pinus halepensis) of light brown color, remnant of a fire in 2015. It has a wicked eye and two branches surrounding an oval pebble. It can either be hanged (by a copper thread), rest on a wall, or placed on a horizontal surface.

Dimensions: 65cm (length) × 33cm (width) × 12cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 3.166gr


Year of creation: 2015

Description: Spiral ivy (Hedera helix) twisted around a tree branch. It brings a large black pebble. It can be hanged from the ceiling (copper thread).

Dimensions: 72cm (length) × 10cm (width) × 10cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 492gr

-La vague-

Year of creation: 2023

Description: Thin and long branch of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) of brown color. It has both big and small curves. It brings a pebble on its right end. A big pebble complements this piece of art as it is placed beneath it while it is hung from the ceiling.

Dimensions: 108cm (length) × 18cm (width) × 18cm (height)

Total artifact weight: 1.448gr

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Pendula collection

Pendula Collection-P5_Serpent ygrec

Woody magic

The most “philosophical” pieces are included in this collection.

These are branches, usually of sufficient length, sometimes with distortions and curves, which, after the application of the appropriate wood preservation techniques, emerge hanging from the ceiling or from a point of support on a wall.

They can move freely in space, bearing  pebbles with almost “magical” properties. They were created to help find personal balance in our everyday lives.

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pairing contradictions

“Nature’s intensities and contradictions have always been deeply moving, to my eyes.

I find the way the wood complements the pebble particularly charming, even though they are such different and contradictory materials.”